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The Exes by Lenore Skomal

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The Exes is a tightly-written play with brisk pacing, visual appeal and humor. One critic accurately described it as the perfect mix of Noel Coward and Neil Simon. It also is an affordable option from a production standpoint, utilizing one set with no significant costume changes. 


The Exes is perfect for community-based theatre venues with limited resources and an abundance of adult talent. 

Runtime: 1 hour and 50 minutes, The Exes is a play in two acts. And should be performed as such, with a 10 to 15 minute intermission between acts, making the total runtime 2 hours. 

Conventional Cast: 5 adult males, 2 adult females

Set design: Living room and foyer of a penthouse apartment 

While the Off-Broadway production uses a conventional interpretation of this set, this play can be interpreted conceptually with a minimal set pieces. 

Music: Original preshow/intermission music package optional with the rental. 


Richard Killingworth: Distinguished, narcissistic, self-made billionaire, bound to lose everything if he doesn't locate his heart.

Gender: Male, Age: 62-65

Dick Wright: Charismatic, energetic, aging metrosexual fiercely loyal to his best friend and endlessly sarcastic.

Gender: Male, Age: 55

Mavis Killingworth:  Determined, charming divorcee not averse to taking off her kid gloves to throw a few punches. 

Gender: Female, Age: 50-55

Victoria Killingworth: Champagne-soaked Bridezilla—and aging debutante—who happily tosses aside etiquette to get her way.

Gender: Female, Age: 35-40

Garrett Wright: Snarky college senior—two times over—with a penchant for telling it like it is, no matter who’s listening.

Gender: Male, Age: 23

Marcel Nistlerood: Delightful and quirky out-of-work Danish philosophy professor with an incomprehensible joie de vie.

Gender: Male, Age:30-40

Prim: Born and bred British butler who runs a tight household with dry wit and fastidious attention to protocol. 

Gender: Male, Age: 70-80


The Exes was developed in New York City and had a professional production at Theatre Row Theatres August 7 - October 5, 2019. Originally produced by Lenore M. Skomal Productions and directed by Magda S. Nyiri. 


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